No Paucity of Irony!

20 Mar

The Editor
Winnipeg Free Press

Dear sir:

Finally a politician calling for rail re-location in Winnipeg. Yes, Pat Martin, NDP federal MP is calling for re-location of the CP rail yards. In his recent speech, Martin connected the demise of the centre city, and the exploding sprawl of Winnipeg, with a “paucity of leadership” at City Hall.

I can only agree with Martin about the paucity of leadership, but it is the Provincial NDP that has had a lock on the centre city MLA seats for generations, to the point the present government gets 25 of its 37 seat majority from the centre city; it is the Provincial NDP that has exacerbated urban sprawl with its short-sighted Waverley West project; It is the Provincial NDP that have kept the city dependent on provincial grants for everything more than the costs of street cleaning, and it is the Provincial NDP that have insisted on BUS so-called rapid transit as a vision that places Winnipeg in the forefront 1950s urban transit… certainly far worse than a “paucity” of leadership and vision for the future of this city.

Perhaps the citizens of Winnipeg can thank Martin for underlining the substantive differences between the federal NDP and the provincials who share those initials, because in Winnipeg NDP stands for No Difference Party. Perhaps also Martin could start pointing at the real source of Winnipeg’s problems – a paucity of leadership at the Provincial level!

Shane Nestruck


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  1. Paul S. Graham

    March 19, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Shane!!

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