Winnipeg Transit – Rapid or Vapid?

20 Mar

Winnipeg is entering the Forefront of Rapid Transit,  BUT unfortunately that ‘forefornt’ is from 1950.

Winnipeggers, convinced that they might wait forever for a politician/leader to bring real modern 21st Century Rapid Transit to Winnipeg have swallowed the credo:

“Better SOMETHING NOW than waiting even longer”

Surrounded with “politician/leaders” who see Winnipeg as a ‘little’ town going nowhere Winnipeg citizens have been scammed again, watching more of their tax money going into all the same pockets of the ‘elite’ who have been the main sources of the perpetual  negativity about our wonderful city.

In a city with people who can dream of a World Class Human Rights Museum, a Winning Jets NHL Hockey Team, a Blue Bomber Football Team in a New Stadium, and loaded with busineses that compete all across the globe, our politician/leaders have dropped the ball AGAIN!

Real, rapid transit is even farther away than ever before with this BRT boondoggle!

Better the “something” we presently call political leadership… than WHAT?

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