Further to the BRT SCAM

11 Apr
Today Dan Lett writes a column with many questions about the new BRT.
However his article lacks one essential aspect to make it useful to readers… a vision of the future of our city.
Winnipeg owes its very existence as a city to great political leadership and vision from our past.  From the ‘convincing’ of the CPR to re-locate its main line through the city;  to the building of the Aquaduct which still a century later provides superior water to the city; to the pre-cursor of Manitoba Hydro, the Winnipeg Electric Company, which established Winnipeg as a modern electrified city; to the Floodway that still protects the city; to the building of the very first Convention Centre in all of Canada, our past  political leadership envisioned Winnipeg as a successful vibrant modern city.
Then came the Dark Ages of Winnipeg which started as the last responsible political visionary, Mayor Juba, and his vision of modern transit,  a Monorail, was chased from City Hall, and Winnipeg, and the Provincial Legislature abandoned the city for  short-term political success.
Today we are at the absolute darkest moment in Winnipeg’s (Manitoba’s)  history.  Today we ‘celebrate’ a mass transit system based on a 1950-60s concept of diesel powered buses and which when it finally becomes city wide (30-50 years) will have damned Winnipeg into being a  modern city in a 1950s world!
This  Mass Transit Plan is at very least a 40-50 year project and the vision at City Hall and The Provincial Legislature  is already a half century out of date..
Once the leading city on the prairies with brilliant, courageouss, visionary, political leadership, Winnipeg  has been doomed by blind, myopic, short-term thinking charletans posing as political leaders.
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