Vote first, ask questions later?

30 Apr

AH!  Dan Lett has started the REBIRTH OF DEMOCRACY in Winnipeg!

Today in his column in the WFP:

Dan Lett  exposed the shallow and corrupt thinking of Dan Vandal a member of the “Katz Backroom Boys”, the members of EPC that have all but destroyed the concept of democracy in Winnipeg.

Oh?  What do you mean, Shane?   Well in a DEMOCRACY you need Freedom of information and EPC meets behind closed doors and DOMINATES City Council with its majority, negotiated behind closed doors,  block vote.

Today Dan Lett writes clearly about this affront to the citizens of Winnipeg.

Dan writes:  “Here’s a news flash: Having all the details needed to make an informed decision to sell a valuable city asset and then give away $7 million of taxpayer money IS part of the process.

 To clarify that point:  It is what we naively thought we  elected these people to do.  We now have a prime example of just how out of touch with Integrity and Honesty some of these doofuses are!

Thank Heavens  the citizens of Winnipeg love The Forks .  This whole affair has  exposed EPC for what it is, an affront and insult to the citizens of Winnipeg.

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