Death of CBC????

01 May
I just got the notice from ‘Friends of Canadian Broadcasting’:
The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, former Governor General of Canada, has won the People’s Pick for CBC Chair 
I am ashamed at the naivety and plain ignorance of Canadians.
Because Michaëlle Jean, is the former governer General that allowed*  Steven Harper  to bully her into supporting THE MOST DARK MOMENT IN CANADIAN HISTORY
THE PROROGATION* stunt that Harper used  resembles  similar stunts Hitler pulled that silenced debate and opposition voices and led Germany into a Nazi- Fascist tyrany. 
It is no coincidence that the word Fascism has become commonplace  to describe Harper’s methodical and unrelenting abuses of Parliament and democracy… not to mention his attacks on ‘radicals’ like environmentalists, etc etc.
Hitler’s main support came from the economic elite.  Hitler sacrificed MILLIONS of lives in the service of those elites and Harper is doing the very same things to Canada.  WWII was nothing but a profit making game for the  elites of that time and ‘war’ has become the never-ending way those same elites have squandered the wealth of the USA and Canada throughout the last 60 years!. 
Harper’s “God” The Economy  is the economy of  profit for the elites and he is sacrificing EVERYTHING in service to those powers….
and Canadians have voted M. J to “save” CBC!
This is a JOKE!  a SICK joke!
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