“Public Consultation”? Planning ???? LOL

19 Sep

As I prepare to attend the ‘Open House’ about the Southwest Transitway today, I am filled with despair.

After all, has any of these so-called public consultation charades actually changed, improved or otherwise contributed to “the Plan”

Here’s my point:  It seems that everything published so far is IGNORANT of basic facts like:

  • There are other rail lines going south to the same destinations as the Latellier line parallel to Pembina Hwy. e.g. the line west of Kenaston.
  •  To have  transitway beside the Latellier  line the rails will have to be moved a bit to one side making the transitway service IMPOSSIBLE to 50% of the population when there is a train on the tracks!  THIS is the same myopia that built the existing section on the Lord Roberts side of the Ft. Rouge  rail yard when the VAST MAJORITY of transit users live on the west side of the yards.  Nobody has been able to explain THAT piece of brilliant planning!
  • The creating of a ‘rail corridor’… ONE rail corridor, west of Kenaston would make future infrastructure construction and costs  much less expensive… THAT’S planning!
  • Completely shutting down the Latellier line through south Winnipeg would create all sorts of beneficial re-development along that strip AND would remove a HUGE safety concern... OH, SORRY I haven’t heard any concerns about safety from any level of government!   Meanwhile MILLIONS of tons of hazardous materials and chemicals pass through this area each day!
  • It would also free-up the rail bridge at Bishop Grandin to be converted into something useful to alleviate the incredible congestion presently growing there!

Despite these foreboding of ‘wasting more of my time’ speaking to the stone wall of bureaucracy set-up between us citizens and the so-called planners I will attend.

I will also go with these flyers:

Do you know where the rail line parallel to Pembina* goes?
To the same place the rail line west of Kenaston does!

(with all the Info in this post)


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2 responses to ““Public Consultation”? Planning ???? LOL

  1. shanednblog

    September 19, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    Accuracy is NOT to be expected from city of Winnipeg “planners”. I’d settle for some sort of awareness of FACTS and thoughtful developments in other cities…

  2. Paul S. Graham

    September 19, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    In some public consultations, planners have taken to calling these gatherings “charrettes.” Perhaps they have chosen to do so rather than using the word “charade” – which is often a more accurate description of the exercise. Courage, Shane!

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