Smidgen of intelligence at City Council? lol

28 Dec

The Editor
Winnipeg Free Press

Dear sir,
Police, fire personal, tow truck drivers, hydro and cable workers, bus drivers walking to work, road workers etc. etc. all wear bright safety vests so they can be seen by drivers, but bicyclists are still allowed to drive, even after dark, in black hoodies, and sporty navy blue spandex, virtually invisible, especially if there are approaching lights. When is our so responsible, aware, contentious, and caring City Council going to make a law that bicyclists must wear clothing that is equally visible as those safety vests our professionals wear? An “ounce of prevention”, or a smidgen of intelligence in managing this city, seems very little to demand of our City Councillors. Such a motion at City Council could take up all of 5 minutes of their valuable time.

Shane Nestruck

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