One scam after another !

08 Jan

I just returned from a visit to Ottawa, and it is becoming clearer and clearer that Our Winnipeg City and Provincial leadership is – deeply “misguided”, or perhaps the biggest marks in Canadian history.
Reading the Ottawa Citizen it is clear that the now three year old news that Ottawa is adopting LRT is FACT, and that Winnipeggers have been taken for a ride with the last-century BRT scam foisted on us as so-called ‘Rapid Transit’… as if painting buses with the word ‘Rapid’ and building pretty bus shelters somehow transforms them into modern rapid transit.
Then there is the continuing misinformation being circulated about the impossibility of lower speed limits and… ‘Oh Gawd…. “calming circles’. Meanwhile driving in Ottawa it is impossible not to notice that many streets other than the main thoroughfares have large speed humps making speeds of more the 40 kph impossible.

BRT was sold to Winnipeggers with the lie that Ottawa’s BRT was a functioning and modern system. Ottawa City and the people living there have rejected BRT and did so long before our political so-called leadership perpetrated “our” BRT scam. Assiniboine Ave. south of Broadway was totally destroyed with exorbitantly expensive ‘traffic calming’ measures when strategically placed speed humps ( larger and smoother than speed bumps AND more effective) would have done everything needed and at a comparitively minuscule cost. All over town we have been inflicted with preposterously designed traffic circles and dangerously narrowed streets. We have seen streets narrowed or closed off with, again, exorbitantly expensive re-builds when Ottawa does the same things with strategically placed planters, AGAIN at a relatively minuscule cost.

It took 35 years for the corruption in design and construction of the highways and viaducts in Montreal to appear. Today after only a few months of operation Winnipeggers can witness the politically designed busway through the Ft. Rouge Yards (only 9 inches thick) as it buckles and heaves and is already gouged in many places with that machine used all over town to smooth out bumps
It is time Winnipeggers saw City Hall and their Provincial Masters that have chosen short-term sops to the local construction industry and bus manufacturers over rational planning, for the incompetent political insects they are.

Every time I visit another town I am perplexed at how Winnipeggers ‘eat-up’ the spin of politicians instead of demanding competent planning and transparent political process. We get what we elect!

Shane Nestruck

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