Good money after Bad…Of course !

26 Jan

The Editor
Winnipeg Free Press

Dear sir,
Everyone knows the phrase- “Throwing good money after bad” and City Hall and The Province are continuing with the so-called Rapid Transit boondoggle with even more obvious waste of public resources.
The existing Bus Road from Queen Elizabeth Way through the Ft. Rouge Yards… NO! that is not “Rapid Transit”. It is a road dedicated to 1950s style diesel powered buses…has already needed serious repairs and has cost an enormous amount in plowing and sanding and salting. But most importantly it has been built in the most ridiculous location, skirting the dense population areas and has even being built on the wrong side of the rail line that parallels Pembina between Confusion Corner and Jubilee. Yes, the largest populations in mid and south Winnipeg west of The Red River- Osborne Village, Corydon-Ft Rouge and River Heights areas are unserviced, but of course if you are to believe what you see, the role of “Rapid Transit” has nothing to do with transporting people in the city.
Obviously, in Winnipeg, Rapid Transit means, paint & advertising on buses, garishly lit bus shelters in the middle of wide open windswept fields far from anyone’s home with roofs that belong in an amusement park, and the ‘Crown Jewell’ of this boondoggle The Wind Tunnel that pretends to be the Osborne Bus Station but has no proximity to any other bus routes so the ‘rapidly transiting’ customers have to freeze their ears off trudging a block or more to this wonder of modern urban transit. N.B. Even the Osborne Street bus that goes directly under the station cannot stop without stalling 50% of the traffic on this very congested street.
Having made so many mistakes, having ‘blown’ so much public money on this ridiculous joke, our political leaders , supported by the Provincial Grovelment* (*explanation follows) continue the boondoggle with the decision to build the extension to this joke mainly for the benefit of their Construction Industry friends who MIGHT build housing around the outskirts of Ft. Garry. Again! Ignoring the needs of the dense population of South Pembina and Ft. Garry, while grovelling at the feet of the industry that influences both governments so strongly!

Winnipeg & Manitoba politicians, elected by citizens- Serving the Construction Industry.

Shane Nestruck
Winnipeg, MB

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