Bullying at the government level – sign of fascism!

22 Mar

Jian, (host of “Q” on CBC)

Today’s Intro … ‘New rules for archivists and librarians’, followed by the wonderful discussion with the author of the book on Bullying, has made me jump out of my car and run to my computer.

Bullying has to do with the wielding of power to control, disempower and limit the value of others.  One of its most identifiable aspects is lack of respectful discourse, another is the implied and sometimes clear threats. (as in the excerpt you read from the new legislation about Archives and libraries)
Today you reiterated “our” Prime Minister, Steven Harper’s, muzzling of scientists (Bullying!), and then discussed today’s announcement about absorbing the Archive-library system into his Propaganda Machine (Bullying!)
I will now use a word that is extremely appropriate in the present Canadian circumstances… i.e. having an extreme right wing…way beyond ‘conservative’… government.  The word- FASCISM.
Yes Harper has instituted MANY of the actions the the most famous Fascist government of the last century* instituted (*Hitler’s  Nazi Party you can leave that explicit reference out if you are unsure or too worried!)
– Increasing the Military powers in the country
– expanding the prison system
– Curtailing the democratic functions of  Parliament:
…cynically undermining the process of Parliamentary Committees,
… Omnibus bills-  counteracting the very essence of Parliament by virtually eliminating discussion and debating of policy, , etc etc.

AND controlling information – PROPAGANDA!

Adding even the above ‘short list’ to the news today in the Budget, which is all about bullying other governments and our native leaders into falling into line with these Conservative bullies,  and recognizing the essential curtailing of democratic rights that muzzling scientists and librarians clearly demonstrates, the following letter to the editor becomes particularly germane.
I exhort you to continue with your COURAGEOUS broadcasting, and thank you for sustaining hope in this country in the grips of a Modern Fascist government, notably voted for by a very small portion of the Canadian public!

The Editor

Dear sir,
Children naturally mimic and imitate the adults around them.  They develop a morality based upon what the adults in their society accept or reject.  The discussion of bullying taking place in the media has been   completely disingenuous because it discusses bullying by children without putting that bullying into the real context-  that children in our society are provided every day with overt examples of successful arrogant bullies.   From our ‘esteemed’ Prime Minister, to many religious leaders, to many parents, and culminating in their schools with administration and even some teachers, children are provided with role models that prove to them that there are advantages gained from bullying.
Until this discussion addresses the source of ‘inspiration’ children who bully emulate, it is nothing more than a satirical farce.

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