WFP Editorial – Just the tip of the iceberg!

27 Mar
RE: Editorial ‘Cookies for you’  27.3.13
 Bravo for listing some of the obvious and unfortunate evidences of the corruption at City Hall.  The first definition of ‘ CORRUPT’ is  ROTTEN; the second is DEPRAVED; and the third WICKED.  Only then does the ‘influenced by bribery’ enter the definition.  While there is yet irrefutable evidence of bribery, there is ample evidence that much of what is happening to our city is the result of the corrupt atmosphere of ‘deal making’, entitlement, and arrogance.
Most unfortunately, the greatest reason for this degeneration of Public Service into … let’s say – ‘entitlement trough-feeding’… is the continued operation of EPC, the “Mayor’s Cabinet”, which still meets behind closed doors, publishes no minutes, and arrives a Council with a majority and an agenda often unknown to the other councillors.
The legislation that enables this EPC back room governance is the responsibility of the  Provincial Government.  Every other province has corrected their legislation except Manitoba.
Until the back room dealings of EPC, so similar to the conditions at City Hall a century ago that led to The 1919 Strike, are made illegal, corruption will continue to grow and flourish at Winnipeg City Hall.
Shane Nestruck
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