Circus at City Hall – Goes to Court

02 Apr

The Editor

Wpg. Free Press

Dear sir:
 Today in room 128 of the Law Courts,  Sam Katz’s lawyer, Mr Tapper,  proceeded to amuse the gallery with his   attempts to derail legal proceedings with erroneous arguments and diversionary tactics, and at one point allowed that he would prefer the court found him “stupid” and agreed with his arguments, rather than agreed with Mr David Matas’s balanced and assiduously prepared arguments underlining the merits of Mr. Chan’s application to have the conflict of interest legislation applied to the mayor.
As Arthur Schafer, Director of the University of Manitoba’s Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics said, “It’s almost indisputable that the mayor was in a conflict of interest because he was using taxpayer money to take councillors to a [his own personal] restaurant,”
From watching the proceedings today two things  ARE “indisputable”.  
1.)  Mayor Katz, rather than admitting his mistakes and refunding the city and taxpayers for the Christmas Party at his restaurant…TWO years ago already…, has arrogantly chosen  belief in his personal entitlement to squander any amount of taxpayers money he chooses.
2.)   That arrogance and belief in his entitlement and power have  exposed  Mayor Katz’s personal integrity and will cause him to be removed from office.
As Winnipeg glimpses the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of the problems the city is drowning in,  perhaps there will arise a candidate for mayor who the citizens can trust to put personal interest aside in the spirit of Public Service. 
Even more significantly-  Despite Mr. Tapper’s spurious attempts to ‘shoot the messenger’, and his protestations that the proceedings had nothing to do with Democracy, Democracy and the Rule of Law had a good day in court today!
Shane Nestruck
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