“Our Courts have become a CIRCUS !

09 Apr
The Shindlemans have chosen their lawyer very astutely. – WFP ‘Gag order..’  9.4.13
 After all last week Max Tapper, the Mayor’s representative successfully created a “circus like atmosphere” (Bart Kives WFP) that distracted Queen’s Bench Justice Brenda Keyser from dealing with the actions of Mayor Katz in a trial (as decided by a previous judge who ruled there was enough evidence to do just that) and instead had her  focusing on the complainant’s misunderstanding of the difference between answering questions about the rumours of a settlement honestly, rather than surreptitiously as a lawyer or politician would do.  
Today we have more evidence of Mr. Tapper’s powerful magic.  Now  Queen’s Bench Chief Justice Glen Joyal has been persuaded to remove the Right of Free Speech of Gordon Warren before he has been convicted of any offence.  Even more revealing of the magic Tapper brings to The Court is the decision of Joyal to consult with Tapper before writing the actual wording of the injunction removing Warren’s rights… as if a Chief Justice cannot write such a simple document.
Of course Warren, with a Masters degree in Theology, a degree that deals with morality and unimportant things like ‘right & wrong’ was totally outclassed in court by the legal magician Tapper.  But perhaps, like many Winnipeg Citizens he misconstrued the reason the courts exist, believing Justice might have something to do with their purpose.
Last week we saw a judge under Tapper’s spell ignore a previous judges determination that The Mayor should be on trial , and today we have Tapper convincing a judge to remove the right to Free Speech of an innocent man*.    * a critic of the unexplained and numerous land deals around town!
There is no doubt Tapper is a legal magician,  but do the citizens of Winnipeg want magic or Justice? 
Further comments NOT in the letter to the editor:
Justice Keyser decided to IGNORE the obvious OBSCENITY that Mayor katz thinks feteing his political cohorts on the public purse is just fine.  Yes that might not be illegal but the Conflict of interest  ligislations says that his actions should NOT be about the letter of the law but about public perception.  I perceive total lack of integrity or moral compass!
AND YET;  Keyser, with the help of Tapper, allowed the court proceedings to become a circus of rhetorical insults concerning Joe Chan…Tappers first words at the trial ” I’m shocked” and about Chan “disgusting”.
She further punished Chan for proceding to trial, as deemed necessary by another judge with $10,000 the ‘performance royalty’ ostensibly paid to Tapper by Katz… BUT PROBABLY PAID BY YOU TTHE CITIZENS OF WINNIPEG..
I’m shocked and disgusted!   but not by the same things A TAPPER.


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