Canadian Media Silent because they FEAR Harper !

02 Jul
 At every Environmental/Climate Change conference for the last decade (at least) scientists, the blaphemous questioners of the Harper  dogma, have warned about the warming climate and the Extreme Climate Events that would occur as Climate Change speeds up.   But even when one of those events, starting with a extreme tornado event in the southern States that moved up into the Canadian prairies and caused the most devastating flash floods in Alberta history;  Even when Calgary, the business centre of the Canadian oil industry that  is directly responsible for Canada having the second largest per capita carbon footprint on the planet is inundated with water, and thousands of citizens lives are disrupted, never to be the same again;  Even when it is clear that no amount of income or government money can protect people from the power of Mother Nature when she is continually raped;  Even then, the media is so frightened of the Conservative tyrants under the leadership of Steven Harper that all, without exception, tiptoe around THE most important news item in decades…  Steven Harper’s economic theory that the oil industry will save Canada and especially Alberta is suicidal.
Sure the corporations will survive, but as always with their  Conservatives servants,  it will be the people who pay.
Still all across the so-called democratic country known as Canada, where Free Speech and scientific facts used to be respected, Harperites  sustain the icy chill that intimidates the media and scientists, and thus keeps the people in blissful ignorance.
The Emperor has no clothes.   The Court  (other politicians) is silent, the media is cowed, scientists are muzzled, and the public is fed sports, and Canada Day fireworks.  The truth is that Canada Day should be a day of mourning for all the freedoms and rights this Harper tyrant has already removed, and filled with protests about the approaching storm.
It seems  Egyptians, recognize a fundamentalist tyrant when they see one.  Where are the perceptive Canadians?  Where is the outrage?
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One response to “Canadian Media Silent because they FEAR Harper !

  1. Connie

    July 2, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    As usual you articulate what we feel but mostly fail to recognize as to “the why”… Inexplicably I too felt no joyful celebration on Monday as it seemed the fireworks and hoopla were a vulgar display to mollify the peasants while floods, fires and wars rage on. I can imagine corporate operatives snickering as they sip their Brut champagne on their private paradise islands which slowly sink into the rising seas. But then they can always book those multi-million $$$ outer-space trips in search of new beaches… Best of luck to them and to the government “officials” that sustain them – while alarmed voices of reason and truth for common good are silenced.

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