HOPE for Democracy in Brandon-Souris

21 Aug

All Manitobans are now able to witness, Up Close and Ugly, how the so-called leaders of the Liberal and NDP parties, arrogantly value their over-inflated egos, and self-centred partisan concerns  over the right of citizens to have a meaningful democratic vote in Brandon-Souris.

The same arrogance and myopic attitude permeated the recent Liberal leadership contest.  Only one of the candidates had the intelligence to address the broken democratic system in Canada and suggest cooperation in situations  like the NDP constituency president in Brandon is faced with… Splitting the vote where the Conservatives are strong only guarantees a continuation of a government that does NOT represent, even nearly, a majority of Canadians.   Perhaps Mulcair is miffed that the Liberal ‘brain trust’ (and I use that word very loosely), convinced 7 of the 8 Liberal candidates to avoid any discussion of substance in favour of blow-hard posturing about the mythic values of “being a Liberal”.   Perhaps the NDP also has a leadership that prefers to watch Canada and Canadian democracy become a joke, rather than cooperate with the other parties that have so similar foundations.

Is it coincidence that Joyce Murray (unfortunately came second!),  the only Liberal to address the most important topic in the country is a woman and that the president of the Brandon-Souris NDP is also a woman?  Or is that a clear indication that it is the old boys network of egotistic, self-centred , men who resemble more emotionally compromised adolescents than mature leaders are in control of our political parties.

Bravo Vanessa Hamilton.  Keep on fighting for Canadians and our democracy.  Whatever the results of the election you will have done a great service to Brandon-Souris voters by exposing both the Liberal and NDP leadership for what it is – selfish, shortsighted, and adolsecnt-ego-impaired !

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