Elijah Harper a Rarity

27 Aug
RE: Eric Robinson,  Osborne House and a continuance of the ‘role of Government’ in Canada.
In the history of oppression of other cultures, races, and civilizations, the role of the ‘agent’ is well documented:  The agent, a member of the oppressed group is used as the means of distracting the oppressed from the real causes of their grief.   In all cases of apartheid, these agents use racism as a tool of manipulation and are well rewarded for their allegiance to the oppressive regime.
Canadian history is full of  so-called native leaders co-opted to the oppressors ends.  Those agents’  are rewarded with economic advantages that are otherwise impossible dreams for the oppressed. and are are ostensibly (on the surface) invited into the  society of the oppressors.
Occasionally a  true leader ‘sticks it’ to the establishment but Elijah Harpers are few and far between.  More often the leaders are slowly co-opted into accepting the very foundations of the oppressing culture, thus perpetuating the system.
If it is as Eric Robinson says, that a large proportion of the clients of Osborne House  are ‘native’, then it follows that as someone supposedly representing those people he should be on the side of Osborne House in its ongoing dispute with the province over funding.   It seems that he is clearly on the side of those in the ‘occupier’ culture whose actions and policies only add more members- the poor,  women, and children not born to privilege to the ranks of his own people.
Is it any wonder the Idle No More movement is not a product of the established First Nations leadership? 
When will more ‘white do-gooders’ such a Barbara Judt see through the cynical rhetoric of their so-called leaders and  identify the real leaders, the people of immutable integrity and deep concern for all humanity.    Barbara Judt is such a person and as such she threatens both the Selinger government and  its agents in the native community.
Keep up the pressure Barbara.   All real political  progress is painful.
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