$500,000 Boondoggle or is that confession.

28 Aug

More on the Judt – NDP conflict:,

In it efforts to disguise its incompetence the NDP actually exposes its underbelly of bureaucratic mismanagement. Not only did they choose to have the Minister of CFS… you know this government’s flag ship social program that virtually capsized under its watch… culminating in the Phoenix debacle; but they also had the audacity to suggest this government can instruct anyone in regulating-controlling spending.  To underline that very point Minister Howard reminded us all of the $500,000 budget item – “to support a domestic-violence STRATEGY* that’s looking at new ways to deliver services”.  Yes she reminded us of yet another study – bureaucratic – boondoggle, that pays spin-doctors to disguise the incompetence of the government.
Howard  may believe that a half million dollar expenditure is justifiable, but a short meeting with the staff and clients of Osborne House would provide invaluable direction for improving services, and free-up $500,000  to be used to provide those services, controlled by those who actually know how to deliver those services.
If this dispute were fictional we would all laugh at the absurdity and intellectual incompetence of this government.
 * Strategy… Ah yes another example of verbal diarrhoea !
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