It’s about NDP Hypocrisy , not Robinson

31 Aug

RE: Eric Robinson – Tim Sale  WFP 31.08.13

‘Eric Robinson may be rude..not racist’  –

‘Throwing Robinson under the bus’   – Poppycock!  More Political obfuscation.

There is absolutely no doubt that Tim Sale is one of the most gentlemanly personalities and figures from the NDP recent past.  That the NDP trotted out this figure of eloquence and civility in its efforts to further distract the public from the underlying causes of the conflict with  Osborne House got me dewy eyed until I read his letter.   Sale, also undoubtedly a consummate politician a party stalwart, tells us that Racism is not about how people conduct themselves but something only associated with power – Poppycock!  (my most gentlmanly retort).   Then to his credit and certainly something that our political leaders need to do more often, Sale  correctly summarizes the reality of Canada’s historical apartheid –   Bravo!  Unusually candid for any politician!
Unfortunately the ‘former (Doer) NDP minister of Family Services’… isn’t that the period when CFS, the flag ship of the NDP’s image as a socially responsible and responsive political movement, capsized (remember Phoenix?) deigns to ‘explain’ the situation:  Under the Selinger government it is “not unusual” , i.e. it is usual,  for the government to be in conflict with Osborne House.  That just may be the most important fact hidden in Sale’s adroit obfuscation.  But then Sale drops the gentlemanly posture and suggests that the ‘agency’ Osborne House has brought Eric Robinson’s unfortunate remark into the dispute for spurious reasons, when perhaps that remark and its acceptance in the NDP caucus communications clearly demonstrates that the NDP is deeply conflicted to the point of  hypocritically being on the  wrong side of this  conflict/debate  over the need for more and better services to abused women.  It is more than ironic, it is indicative of the confused, incompetence that is overwhelming the NDP that it would ever be documented in the press as being opposed to more funding, more supports and more respect for the work of Osborne House. Eric Robinson’s past serves only to justify demands of  continuing and growing support for the racially, sexually, socially, and politically abused members of our society



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