05 Oct
I could understand hiring a psychiatrist at City Hall… the evidence suggests there is a dire need;  I could welcome an ethics/integrity enforcement officer…the evidence suggests…;
 But a consultant on snow clearing?  
Surely, someone at City Hall has visited other Canadian cities?  Surely those cities would share their solutions for free. But in the spirit of Christmas and giving and sharing freely, snow bringing that out in all of us of course,  may I suggest that many other problems would be solved and snow clearing made easier, more efficient, more convenient for citizens, and cost considerably less if the city were to learn from other cities and change the way all our streets that are in grids are used.
These, ideas, in operation for half a century in Montreal (a city with immense snow clearing challenges) not only make snow clearing easier, but also extend the life of roads (savings!!), improve safety, make bicycling safer,  eliminate the problems of oncoming traffic on narrow streets (way too narrow in winter), and would eliminate the need for parking restrictions during and after snow falls on all the streets in the grid network over a vast area of Winnipeg.
Yes, if the city were thinking of more than one issue at a time we would already have ONE WAY streets in  large areas of Wpg.  There would be parking alternating daily  on opposite sides of the street… thus all year the wear would be distributed over the whole street and during snow clearing the ploughs would plough to one side on day one and the other side the next.. IN ONE SMOOTH OPERATION saving huge amounts of time and money.
If the city were to clean sidewalks on only one side of the street… How difficult is it to cross the street one time when walking for two or three blocks?    YES!  Of course the city would have to make that decision taking into account the needs of citizens with e.g. wheel chairs etc.!  But already many such citizens find the roads are the only negotiable area they can operate.
But, of course there is no possibility of ‘thinking’ at City hall without paying a ‘consultant’ .   So I will accept a reasonable fee of $50,000 for this information, which I pledge to donate to The Winnipeg Foundation the organization that in complete contrast to City Hall actually thinks ahead and considers the interests of the citizens of Winnipeg of some importance.
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