NDP “Rapid Transit” – The REAL COST

17 Oct

The Editor
Winnipeg Free Press

Dear sir;

Today Bart Kives avails us of all sorts of figures about the costs of transit etc in town.:
Kives’ main message is that there is little if any support from the Provincial government for such projects. But the facts prove that the NDP government has, for 13 years now, been playing political games with the future of this city, that those political games and total lack of responsible planning are and continue to strangle the future of this city.
Those irresponsible political games are exacerbated by total lack of vision and responsible economic planning by this NDP provincial government. But that’s not news anymore! A dollar figure Kives did NOT mention: Mayor Murray, in 2002 told me that to re-locate the CN mainline would have cost $340 Million, but the provincial government would have nothing to do with that idea.
Thus for ten years south Winnipeg from Ft. Richmond- St. Norbert on the line parallel to Pembina Hwy., and from Charleswood, Transcona, and St. Boniface Winnipeg could have had commuter train services to downtown as the city (and province) contemplated where to first switch from ‘heavy’ rail to light rail.
The abysmally inadequate bus road extension to the U. of M., again detouring around the population that actually needs the rapid transit, now projected to cost $600 Million shows clearly that this ‘irresponsible political game playing*‘ (* political corruption might be a far more accurate description), has already cost Winnipeg taxpayers ten years, and hundreds of millions of dollars.
Today, after Lac Megantic, everyone is aware that rail lines pose huge hazards to public health, but BE SURE that knowledge has been clear to all levels of government for decades.
It is time the discussion of Winnipeg’s transit debacle is seen for what it is: just another irresponsible, visionless game played by the provincial government that gains the majority of its support from the very city it so abuses. Follow the money! 90% of your taxes are in the Provincial government’s control.

Shane Nestruck

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