INSANE ‘Last-century’ NDP – HYDRO

30 Oct

The Editor
Winnipeg free Press

RE: ‘Big guns come out against Bipole plan’ WFP 29.10.13 – Bruce Owen

Dear sir,

Although the arguments the ‘big guns’ raise against Bipole III are all absolutely true there are two options that are more important, save taxpayers money, guarantee supply for generations, and end the futile exploitation of our northern rivers- Conservation and Efficiency measures.
We already generate far more electricity than we need or can export but we also squander that resource in a thousand ways. A government that truly looks to the future economic and energy security, and health of the citizens of Manitoba, would immediately shelve any plans for more dams and instead derail the out of control Mb Hydro that knows no other reason to exist than to expand, expand, expand.. Then it would institute a progressive program of conservation-efficiency (many times less expensive than the Bipole III) If one looks only at converting the City of Winnipeg street lighting, to more efficient and focused lighting (LED) there would be an immediate excess of electricity. As that program grew to include all lighting and every other possible change to ‘greener’ technologies, (e.g. programs subsidizing Geo-thermal heat for everyone [eventually]), Manitoba would have a huge excess of electricity without the insane investment in Dams and Bipole III. The truth, however, is that the savings would flow right to the people, NOT the large corporations controlling this government. So such an enlightened and people friendly plan will NOT be attempted by this present government mired in last century concepts of both the economy and responsibility to the voters.

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