Thinking at City Hall? LOL

05 Nov
RE: ‘Thinking ahead’  WFP 4.11.13 – B. Kives
Dear sir:
  An ‘international contest’ to design and plan the use of this Southwood land newly acquired by the U. of M. continues.    Why is there not such a planning process in the City of Winnipeg?
 With visionary planning  the Parker Wet-lands  could become a gem of city planning of national significance.  There are huge opportunities to combine ‘development’ with preservation of wonderful green spaces to the benefit of the whole city.
Instead, with only the most  specious pretence of public consultation, Winnipeg  is being destroyed by secret land-swaps, back-room deals negotiated in EPC and …clearly… incompetence and corrupted objectives.   The Parker Wetlands,  the last such ‘green’ area anywhere near the centre of the city is presently under the threat of that same incompetence and misdirection at City Hall.
As Mayor Ford’s personal idiocy and indiscretions steal the focus of the media, far more serious crimes of incompetence and myopia, are destroying  Winnipeg.    Our city continues to be  bartered for the profit of short-sighted ‘developer’ friends of the political leadership at both the City and Provincial levels.
Fortunately we have an excellent example at the U of M of how intelligent visionary administration acts.  As odious as the comparison is for Winnipeg, it is also instructive of where change must occur!

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2 responses to “Thinking at City Hall? LOL

  1. connie

    November 5, 2013 at 10:21 am

    Shane – With all that is slowly unravelling and becoming revealed to us – I am absolutely convinced that the “Katz & company Mandate” is a determination to drive this city straight into bankruptcy. How much more debt can the city [and province] pile on taxpayers? The list is staggering and it grows with each greedy grab of public funding.
    What we actually know about is costs related directly to stadium, museum, Southwood, transit, fire halls, police station, endless “destruction-construction” (re centreport traffic?), mysterious water/sewage dysfunction… never mind the irreplacable losses of publicly owned lands that WAS our Commons where new Shindico malls spring up suddenly.
    But, yep kids, we peasants do get a piece of the pie. Gollygeewhiz, they MAY snowplow two lanes down the middle of our streets when the coming blizzards hit this year…
    No doubt Katz’ Tuxedo will be cleaned to the concrete and their curbs lovingly brushed intact.

    • shanednblog

      December 5, 2013 at 10:31 pm

      I wonder if ‘Sanity’ should have been Honesty! Seems “politics’ means everything EXCEPT doing the job you were elected to do!

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