SANITY at City Hall would help !

03 Dec


It seems Mayor Katz and his cronies in EPC are willing to mortgage our future with extensive infrastructure improvements, incidentally,  just before we go to the polls again next fall.  


                        ‘City plans to fix now, pay latter’ Bart Kives 3.12.13

  Given the record of this so-called civic leadership and the continuing irrational waste, inexplicable over budget expenditures, and no doubt another Christmas party, citizens should be extremely cynical.  After all it is only recently that this same group  convinced  those not paying attention that a tax freeze was a good idea.   

However that is all sewage down the river, what Winnipeg needs is sane, honest and pragmatic leadership  at city hall.   A good start on that would be to stop the $600 Million extension to the bus corridor to the university and designate the curb lanes along that part of Pembina as bus only lanes.  Not only would that save taxpayers $600 Million but would also improve bus service along that stretch of Pembina to the point the proposed bus corridor would offer only a few minutes advantage.  I hate to harp, but $600 Million for a few minutes of slightly faster bus service….INSANE.   Sanity, good planning and just plain honesty, uncoloured by personal political aspirations, is what Winnipeg needs, not more debt.


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  1. Connie LeBlanc

    December 4, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    As I have said before – those people are wrecklessly determined to bankrupt Winnipeg!
    The University has existed for a century and no one cared how people got there from downtown. But now that the stupid stadium sits of campus property – suddenly we are looking at a BILLION dollars between 3 levels of government, so [event] “attendees” can be accommodated!?
    The mayor and council seem to be obsessed with anything “sports or recreational” while the city’s infrastructure and century-old water/sewage system is ignored.
    Winnipeg winters see several feet of snow each year – some years worse than others and this will not be an exception with extreme climiate change. To ignore the need to snow plow streets for safety conditions of pedestrians, school children, bikers, drivers & etc, is reprehensible. Snow budget money is instead going into another “upgrade” of a park, or some other non-essential trivia.
    City taxpayers desperately need an Ombudsman or an investigative body to investigate accountability and conseqences. If they got it done in other Canadian cities, they certainly can do it here.
    Question is who can step up to clean up this out-of-control administrative mess?

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