PHOENIX INQUIRY – Failure upon Failure

01 Feb

Phoenix Inquiry – Formula for improvement  or protection of the GUILTY

Today, finally after almost a decade of delay, obfuscation,  and possibly the most pathetic dance of political denial of responsibility ever witnessed, judge Ted Hughes has documented the perversity of a political-bureaucracy that not only failed Phoenix Sinclair, AND the thousands of other children denied adequate care, but has also clearly demonstrated the depths of that perversity that has allowed politicians, bureaucrats and workers to change a system purportedly ‘there for the benefit of the children’ into a don’t rock the boat or speak out conspiracy of silence  based upon self-interest and secure income for the adults working in the system.   

But let’s be clear:  Corruption does NOT begin with the workers and people directly working with the children.  Those people are controlled, intimidated and threatened with their livelihoods, and limited in work conditions,  facilities and budget by those above them and those lower level bureaucrats are likewise corrupted from the very top of the system where responsibility rests with the politicians who make the decisions and establish the chain of corrupted responsibility.   Where responsible conviction is replaced by expedient politics,  compromised ideals,  distorted values, controlled  and corrupted  information, and overwhelming ambition and self-interest, Phoenix and thousands of Manitoban children become dehumanized statistics.

Here are some facts “our” politicians refuse to acknowledge:

The Doer NDP government took power five years before Phoenix’s death.

That NDP government has always held itself up as ‘people oriented’, concerned about the people and children… oh let’s be ‘straight‘….  UN-like the devils and evil people in other political parties.

The inquiry cost the taxpayers of Manitoba $14 MILLION.  None of that money actually is going to the children or their needs.  It is all squandered back into the system that created the political morass of incompetence, racism, and political immorality that  sustained and perpetuated the perverse pretense so ironically  called – Child and Family Services.

Imagine how little it would have cost to rectify the problems in the system over the last 15 years if there had been ONE responsible politician demanding improvements.  Instead Minister after Minister  “responsible” for CFS has been rotated in and out of that portfolio  so any chain of responsibility is completely obliterated.

Fifteen years ago the present government party promised it would govern with integrity and compassion.  But in the most perverse and diabolical reversal of accountability those responsible for this decade long tragedy, the politicians, their spin-doctors, and their bureaucratic appointees will not pay a cent of the costs, will not be held responsible for any of the tragedy, and will smugly continue on in their careers.  Of course not all will make it to  Ambassador to the United States, but as high and mighty as that achievement is it stands on the grave of Phoenix and the other children Manitoba and its government have so failed.

Where does the ‘Buck’ stop?   In a carefully constructed maze of bureaucratic/political B.S.

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