Canada goes for Gold while Harper steals Democracy

08 Feb

        Elections Canada’s role is to guarantee fair,

Democratic Elections.

New, Harper government proposed legislation curtails most of the means by which Elections Canada guarantees fair elections in our country.  The proposed changes to the powers of Elections Canada not only remove any and all powers to investigate things like the ‘Robo-calls’ and the ‘In and Out’ scandal, but also blatantly  STOPS Elections Canada from communicating directly with the people of Canada.

       Considering the other blatant attacks this Harper government has already inflicted on Parliament’s ability to serve the citizens…Prorogation, undermining of Parliamentary Committees, Omnibus bills that hide a concerted attack on many democratic institutions in a mountain of paper, etc., it is no surprise that those who know the history of Germany pre-WWII and the rise of Fascism, see Harper as leading a complete dismantling of our precious Canadian Democracy under the guise of building our economy, but which in reality he has put in the hands of international multi-nationals.

     Under the COVER of the media frenzy in Sochi Harper is continuing his Fascist plan to dismantle Canadian Democracy. 

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