DEMOCRACY in the Mb. Liberal Party – THREATENED !

28 Apr

The Editor

Winnipeg Free Press
Dear sir:
RE: ‘Too early to pass judgement on Bokari’  WFP 28.4.14 –  Dan Lett.
     It is disappointing but understandable that Dan Lett has swallowed the  propaganda emanating from the group surrounding the present leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party, Rana Bokari.   Manitoba Liberals are, again, unhappy that their dirty laundry has become  public knowledge.  Also it is most important,  to understand that the group most dissatisfied with this publicity are the long time liberals who also incidentally follow The Constitution of the party and proper democratic procedures as enshrined in that constitution, including at the important Board confidentiality and responsibly to the party.

     As a strong supporter of the MLP and its democratic  objectives, and  as president of the Ft. Garry-Riverview  Constituency Association,  in January,  I was trying , with the very astute help of fellow long-time liberals  to  plan a Regional Meeting to do exactly what I should be doing and exactly what the leader, Boakri publicly purports to support –  building communication and cohesion in the party.
 This is my original invitation to Bokari to join and support us in  planning that meeting –
I had a very productive meeting with  ‘X’.* yesterday over coffee.  We discussed the initiative I am organizing for Joe Chan,  Director of the Central Region.  ‘X’ suggests we three get together to discuss this initiative and involve you in its development and realization.
Looking forward to that and greeting you in the New Year
Shane Nestruck
President Ft. Garry-Riverview
                       *  I have not asked for ‘X’s” permission to use his name outside of the party. 
– was received with the most surreal and negative response by Bokari, that the words arrogant, disrespectful, and megalomanic only begin to describe.  
      Every, and I do mean EVERY subsequent interaction with The leader and her confidents has been outrageously arrogant, disrespectful of my and my associates motivations, and often in contravention of every constitutionally mandated activity of members and constituency associations. 
 Unfortunately as the new year unfolded I became intimately aware of many more such interactions with the “ leader’ and witnessed the blatant  infringements on the party’s constitution and a growing audacity in that small group surrounding Bokari.  At the Feb. 3rd Board Meeting a Motion was Passed –
MOTION:  the Board of Directors apologies to Constituency President  Shane Nestruck and his Constituency of Fort Gary-Riverview for how he was treated by the Leaders Office and the Leader, and the Board of Directors congratulates Shane on his excellent work in his Constituency of Fort Gary-Riverview. Bob 1st, Joe 2ndCarried.
As can be seen by reading The Minutes of that meeting,  this motion was removed illegally and replaced with a much less damaging  (to the leader) version. 
 The incident with Bob Axworthy* is  another demonstration of  how the ‘leadership group’s’  manipulation of information to the media  has empowered this “Leader” in her attempts to either usurp all power or destroy the party… It’s quite unclear which is her priority!  
Furthermore, the fact that the success of this nefarious  propaganda relies on the respectful adherence of party solidarity and Board confidentiality by a larger and more established group attempting to rein-in this rogue leader is all too ironic!

 * When Bob Axworthy was illegally removed from the Board by President Young on behalf of leader Bokari,  and ousted from the party, he quite naturally  did not wish to have anything to do with such an out-of-control party and “quit”.   Of course,  the leadership group ascribed to him nefarious motivations about some sort of ‘coup’ and ‘sour grapes’ about not winning the leadership race.  Anybody familiar with  Bob’s impeccable and long record of public service  recognizes the absolute disgrace such accusations constitute, but the press has ‘ eaten them up’.

About this time I was approached by the media to comment, but have refused to break party solidarity until recently when a Blog made the problems emanating from The Leaders office crystal clear, and when a subsequent email to a long list of party members also surfaced, again enumerating with fine accuracy the root of these problems.    At that time the full slate of incredibly outrageous and blatantly unconstitutional activities emanating from The leaders Office were exposed publicly and I have absolute no qualms now in commenting :
If anyone has any difficulty believing there might be some nefarious motivation emanating from Bokari’s office they only have to read the proposed changes to the party constitution that the Leaders Office illegally ( not properly distributed before AGM) will bring to AGM.  Those changes constitute a complete ‘coup’.  They usurp all power to the Office of The leader, stifle any public criticism of anything to do with the leader and change the Liberal Party of Manitoba into a clone of Steven Harper’s  Conservative Party of Canada.   If that is the democratic progress and leadership the AGM endorses I will be very surprised.
The smell that Dan Lett described as ‘sour grapes’ is the smell of megalomania and totally undemocratic tyranny!
Shane Nestruck
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One response to “DEMOCRACY in the Mb. Liberal Party – THREATENED !

  1. Connie LeBlanc

    April 29, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    Well said, Shane! Some our hopes were resting on the Liberals for MB… hope this has impact.

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