D – Day Something to “Celebrate”???

06 Jun
On this the 70th anniversary of D-Day I wonder if anything has changed in the world,  especially in the consciousness or understanding of “our” political leaders.  Since long before recorded history, WAR has been the result of a competition for resources… water, food, land, minerals, and of course in the 20th century oil.  Also there has always been the propaganda of Megalomania and Greed telling the soldiers they must die for the good of mankind.   But since WWII and the emergence of the nuclear bomb, large wars have lost their appeal to the elite who were never the soldiers who die on the battle field but who would die nonetheless if nuclear war happened.

Over these 70 years our understanding of the finite reality of resources on our tiny planet has become common knowledge and simultaneously our understanding of the negative results of our exploitation of those resources- pollution, cancer and other “environmental diseases”, and Climate Change have again become common knowledge.
70 years ago “we” stopped a diabolical aggressor in his attempts to control the world and its resources at a cost of over 60 million lives.  Much of Europe was devastated but storey is that those resources were saved for the ‘good people’, the so-called democratic societies… and just plainly ‘the righteous’.   However, just as WWII was not about people and their lives but about power and control of resources, so too today “our” government in service to, and directed by those same forces of Power, Control and Greed, righteously continues the devastation of the planet, and inflicting death and disease on the people, referrd to as Collateral Damage in the War of Continued Profit.
Over 60 million people in WWII – 2.5% of the world population!  What percentage of the world population is the tyrant Harper willing to sacrifice to the exploitation of the Tar Sands?
Has anything changed?  Are we witnessing the Ultimate War on Humanity by those same forces of Power & Greed?
Shane Nestruck
 I am the son of a WWII veteran and War Amp.  I  grew up surrounded by people maimed by the war but who overcame their various physical and mental demons (called PTSD today ) to live gentle, caring lives, and who instilled in me an understanding of the vile forces that consider people ‘cannon fodder, heroes, heroic victims, collateral damage’ etc.  D-Day and Remembrance Day were days when grown men cried at the lack of progress and fairness in our country and the political expediency and vacuous propaganda of “our” so-called leaders.   On those days, rarely and with great trepidation they shared their grief at the state of the civilization and so-called democracy their friends died for.
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  1. connie

    June 7, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    further to ultimate war on humanity:
    You’re right – Power & Greed in the guise of WTO, G7 or 8, and endless trans-national monopolies has no Rule of Law. The last overlooked “natural resource” is over-population. The UN really has nothing in place to prevent the Greed goal of indenturing as many people as they can (including Canada’s shameful FTW “program”). There is an alarming and increasing harvesting of people into various forms of slavery by a growing number of countries worldwide. Possibly Greed is now turning their jaundiced eye on newly vacated real-estate?

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