‘Skating around’ the obvious CORRUPTION ?? issues in Winnipeg?

16 Jun

The Editor

Winnipeg Free Press
Dear sir,
It is encouraging that the main editorial today is about cycling in our city, but as much as it points out SOME of the problems it also seems to ‘skate around’ or tip-toe by too many issues.  Perhaps the recent article by Kirbyson, in which he suggests ‘Visibility is important’, while posing for a picture dressed in black, underlines the WFP’s lack of serious engagement with the issue.

Yes ”the city has built or dedicated hundreds of kilometres of bike lanes, paths and corridors,” but what sort of reporting  ignores the fact that in doing so the city has squandered huge amounts of taxpayer money on useless concrete structures… all those tiny ‘roundabouts’ that speed humps and yield signs would do a better and safer job of;   the Assiniboine Ave ‘construction model’ that could quite easily have been accomplished at  a minuscule cost, the ‘tank trap’ approach to close off Harrow at Academy;  and the ‘detour’ concept of a bike path in the Lord Roberts that makes biking downtown longer, colder and not even a tiny bit safer.  Then there is the present focus of attention-  the  Chevrier to Plaza Dr.  Pembina bike boondoggle, which currently “disappears without a trace and without warning near the scene of the accident”.   Again factual, but missing essential information such as:  There is a long-time (at least 25 years) bike trail along the Red over that identical distance, but the city chose to expend hundreds of thousands of dollars  (if not millions) on a dangerous and insanely designed project on Pembina.
From fire halls on private property, to the unending over-runs in costs of  every project,  plus the obvious corruption of the needs of bicyclists into income streams for the construction industry friends of City Hall and Prov. Government, makes this question the question the WFP should be researching:
   Who else besides the WFP is ‘skating around’ the obvious ‘corruption ?’ issues in Winnipeg?
Shane Nestruck

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