Conflict of Interest everywhere @ City Hall

08 Jul
The Editor
Winnipeg Free Press
Dear sir:
‘Conflict of Interest’:  We’ve all seen how weak and ineffectual the present Conflict of Interest legislation is, and there is little doubt that City Hall is rife with Conflict of Interest as present councillors downplay their deep affiliation with both provincial parties.

Then there are the arguments circulating about the Mayoralty candidates… ‘Don’t divide the left’ in support of Judy W-L, and only slightly less obviously-  Conservative candidates running in ‘opposition’ to the NDP.   The situation is dire!
City concerns are often in direct conflict with provincial government objectives: e.g. The Jan. 2013 request by the  Association of Manitoba Municipalities for ONE CENT of the PST has been responded to with the theft of another cent and absolutely no increase in municipal government taxation abilities.
Where is the candidate who will stand  FOR Winnipeg and its citizens, stand for The Cities Agenda, and disavow any connection with this or any provincial government that continues to starve this city for the income necessary to even begin to address our many needs?
Every Mayoralty candidate has supported “transparency” but absolutely none has demonstrated a real commitment to transparency which  MUST begin with a New, Clear and Enforceable Conflict of Interest Law?
Most importantly:  The Manitoba law Reform Commission has ARLEADY studied ‘conflict of interest’ across the country and has made serious recommendations;
Has even ONE of these wannabe Mayors endorsed any of those reforms?…how about just the concept of reform.
 NO!  They have not they just continue to use meaningless words like ‘transparency’
One of the foundation aspects of ‘transparency’ is ‘Conflict of Interest’ legislation!
Check out the Law reform’s suggestions yourself: relevant recommendation is 16 found at section 16 pages 41 to 44.

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