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01 Oct

Elect SHANE NESTRUCto City Council Ft. Rouge East Ft. Garry


 Because the present “leadership” is compromising our city’s future for short-term political gain

e.g.  “Rapid” Transit

  The costs of the present BRT,  that YOUR councillor supports, are spiralling out of control AND that “plan” actually detours around all the people on south Pembina that could truly use a modern, efficient, comfortable alternative to getting downtown.

However: There are even more serious reasons to change your representative:

  • BRT was FAILING in Ottawa when your councillor, following her NDP provincial mentors advice              ‘sold’ BRT to Winnipeggers with totally misleading cost estimates.
  • The present “plan” is totally environmentally ignorant:
    • diesel powered buses…GASP… on concrete roads that WILL NOT LAST,
    • Is that  21st century “leadership”  ?
  • No!  It is a 1950s FAILED concept of mass transit.

What will I support?


Both Robert-Falcon Ouellette and David Sanders, by far the most qualified  mayoral candidates, and both BRILLIANT intellects, agree with me that eventual rail-re-location is inevitable in our city.

Short-term – a good start to building our future

On my blog  in the article ‘A Better future for Wpg’,  you can see both maps and pictures of how we could have LRT  from the new stadium to Confusion Corner & Osborne Village   for probably less than the ”planned” extension of the BRT…. and SOLVING many existing problems while actually building the future of this city.

Stadium Access by mass transit  – HUGE problem solved

Dense population on South Pembina    –  SERVED by a truly modern Mass transit system

Many of the traffic problems on Pembina  improved.

N.B.  It has been proven all over N. America that building more, wider roads and underpasses etc…   e.g. KENASTON BLVD.  …SOLVE NOTHING.

It is time to CHANGE the allegiance of your City Councillor 

from squandering our resources on CONCRETE & non-solutions

to proven urban solutions that serve the citizenry….e.g. real mass transit.


‘Your’ councillor has not spoken out in support of the Parker Wetlands being preserved and developed into Canada’s first Urban Wetland Park.

That area is going to be devastated by the BRT and thus will DESTROY one of this community’s greatest Green Spaces!    With current knowledge THAT is a CRIME against our grandchildren



There are so many examples of the way our resources are WASTED But this one is very close to my heart 

As a lifetime bicyclist, and early member of Citizens on Cycles in Montreal in the early ‘70s, (I moved here in 1978), I am APPALLED by the WASTE and MISAPPROPRIATION of funds on inane projects that SUPPOSEDLY are “bicycle friendly”:

Some well understood  criteria for bicycle infrastructure:

1.-  separation from vehicular traffic is preferable

2.- straight and most direct routes are preferable

3.-SAFETY is a paramount objective

The recent construction along Pembina Hwy. between Chevrier and Plaza Dr.,  of a so-called improvement in bicycling infrastructure (what an impressive word – “infrastructure”) is an example of the incredible  wasteful misappropriation of taxes right in our community  and incidentally- supported by YOUR present councillor.

HOWEVER: there exists a MUCH SUPERIOR, SAFER, MORE DIRECT and environmentally more pleasant route  within metres of the present abomination!

Not only that, but the route I endorse is  closer to the vast majority of the bicycling population and   closer to the destinations (businesses, condos and apartments along that very stretch of Pembina  -AND-  it would serve the largest group of potential bicyclists…U. of M. students and staff and Stadium patrons  in such a superior way…

a more direct, safer, more pleasant route.

ALREADY one bicyclist has been killed by this incompetent wasteful design!

  Please check-out Google Maps – City of Winnipeg:

There exists a City Park all along the Red River from Bishop Grandin  all the way north to the Pony Corral,  called   Bishop Grandin Greenway.

Northward from there is a ‘bike trail’ (used for decades) that continues all the way to Riviera Cres. in E. Ft. Garry   EXACTLY parallel to the Pembina boondoggle….


Why does ‘your’ present councillor support such construction industry boondoggles,  when for a relatively tiny amount there could be built  a GREAT bike path south from Ft. Garry to the Stadium and University & Bishop Grandin Greenway?  …Very similar to the wonderful bike path from Osborne S. to the ‘Norwood’ bridge.

AS your councillor I will deliver MUCH more active, informed and valuable service to your community.    When I support something it will be for the right reasons and always be part of the long-term plans for the city.

I am challenging for this seat on City Council because I am determined to ‘pay it forward’ for the pleasure I have experienced in being a citizen of this city.

Want a lawn sign?    204-510-8828

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