Why is “Know Your Zone” a SCAM ?

17 Dec

 Why is the Snow Parking Ban a SCAM?

The biggest reason the Know Your Zone parking Ban is a  SCAM is because in the vast majority of Winnipeg the organization of the traffic is totally inefficient:

All sorts of cities have addressed the problems of two-way streets and many have opted for  ONE-WAY streets in the ‘grid’ areas of town for these reasons:

  • traffic flow is easier on everybody…
    • no more game of ‘chicken’ with oncoming traffic
    • Parking alternates sides each day ( M-W-F-Sun) & (T-Th-Sat)


  • The roads last longer!…even wear on both sides
  • more room for bicycles*
    • * SAFETY!  Saving construction of bike paths!


Because parking alternates sides each day one side of the street is ALWAYS available for plowing.

Because all cars  are predictably on the  ‘other side’ of the road the next day THAT side is also available for plowing

Because both sides of the road are used to store snow the immediate snow removal problems ( like during big 2-3 day storms ) are only about plowing.

BUT  when it is time to remove the mountains of snow ONE side is always available and by the time the crews have removed that snow the cars will be parked on the clean side making ‘windrow’ removal easy again.

NOT SURPRISING:  I have written to City Council about this for years and have NEVER even received a reply…let alone an intelligent reply.

WHY?  BECAUSE the income from the Snow Parking Ban… an unfair tax on those who live in the denser parts of town and cannot arrange for off road parking…  is the total reason this ‘Know Your Zone’ SCAM exists.

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