Democracy deserves real freedom of information !

In my world (music)  CRITICISM   is a gift of sharing  that helps improve …. EVERYTHING!.

When I read the newspaper, or listen to the radio (TV is often just “fluff”) I find the ‘reporter’ more inclined  to accept the rhetoric of politicians and “our leaders”,  than to truly question them.   Most often the PERSPECTIVE expressed by those politician/leaders is very constricted… to the point of being deceptive or misleading.   While their rhetoric always suggests they are concerned with the well-being of both us and the country’s future, a few skeptical questions would often expose their short-sighted self-interest.

We the public deserve a truly independent media!    It is my hope that I can contribute A BETTER BALANCED  perspective on The News… a perspective that includes the world we leave for our children and grand-children!

Hopefully you will agree my letters and  posts do that!


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