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Why is “Know Your Zone” a SCAM ?

 Why is the Snow Parking Ban a SCAM?

The biggest reason the Know Your Zone parking Ban is a  SCAM is because in the vast majority of Winnipeg the organization of the traffic is totally inefficient: Read the rest of this entry »

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East Ft. Garry flyers

Elect SHANE NESTRUCto City Council Ft. Rouge East Ft. Garry


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Letter to:

Kevin you asked:

“Which city other than Winnipeg, anywhere in the world, comes closest to being the ideal city? Why?

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About: “Transparency” LOL, Accountability ! EPC

Three Handpouts that are what this election SHOULD BE ABOUT !: Read the rest of this entry »

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A Better Future for Winnipeg

“Rapid Transit” & Rail Relocation*

PLEASE do not be frightened by the subtitle*.  Not only is this option far less expensive than the present so-called plans in Winnipeg,  it is also superior in so many ways that will become obvious as you read further!

All modern cities have modern transit….

BUT HOW is Winnipeg going to join the 21st century and regain its status as a modern city?

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Conflict of Interest everywhere @ City Hall

The Editor
Winnipeg Free Press
Dear sir:
‘Conflict of Interest’:  We’ve all seen how weak and ineffectual the present Conflict of Interest legislation is, and there is little doubt that City Hall is rife with Conflict of Interest as present councillors downplay their deep affiliation with both provincial parties.

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I’m going to run for City council…. Why!

Today I have declared that I will run for City Council in the Ft Rouge ward.

If you have any wish to understand “where i’m coming from”  you should peruse this blog.  It’s full of reasons WHY I want REAL change at city hall.

For the foreseeable future this blog will do its best to EXPOSE the CORRUPTED values, the CORRUPTED procedures, the CORRUPTED sense of “public service” that abounds at city hall.

I will address the ‘big’ ideas and the lesser ideas that MUST become part of the political discourse if there is to be any progress, any HOPE of progress, in solving the many problems afflicting this city, MANY OF WHICH PROBLEMS ORIGINATE FROM THOSE CORRUPTED VALUES, PROCEDURES AND SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT THAT THIS PRESENT CITY COUNCIL DEMONSTRATES 

FOLLOWING this blog post is my original statement about WHY I am running, but it can most simply AND CONCISELY be stated thus:



#2 I am totally fed-up with the 

scams, boondoggles,  INCOMPETENCE

and apparent corruption surrounding city hall 

 as evidenced all over this city with the unending abominations

 that this administration AND THE COUNCILLORS sit around and accept.

It looks like the only source of topics for this democracy to discuss will have to come from other then the mayoralty candidates


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