Why am I Running For City Council?


When Bartley Kives wrote in the WFP that he was fed-up with the ‘Blather’, I hoped that the candidates running for Mayor would start to address some,  AT LEAST SOME, of the serious issues plaguing Winnipeg.

I have been very disappointed by most of the candidates for Mayor and see clearly that leadership in this campaign needs to come from those  with less ambition  and more concern for our city. Read the rest of this entry »

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‘Skating around’ the obvious CORRUPTION ?? issues in Winnipeg?

The Editor

Winnipeg Free Press
Dear sir,
It is encouraging that the main editorial today is about cycling in our city, but as much as it points out SOME of the problems it also seems to ‘skate around’ or tip-toe by too many issues.  Perhaps the recent article by Kirbyson, in which he suggests ‘Visibility is important’, while posing for a picture dressed in black, underlines the WFP’s lack of serious engagement with the issue.

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D – Day Something to “Celebrate”???

On this the 70th anniversary of D-Day I wonder if anything has changed in the world,  especially in the consciousness or understanding of “our” political leaders.  Since long before recorded history, WAR has been the result of a competition for resources… water, food, land, minerals, and of course in the 20th century oil.  Also there has always been the propaganda of Megalomania and Greed telling the soldiers they must die for the good of mankind.   But since WWII and the emergence of the nuclear bomb, large wars have lost their appeal to the elite who were never the soldiers who die on the battle field but who would die nonetheless if nuclear war happened.

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DEMOCRACY in the Mb. Liberal Party – THREATENED !

The Editor

Winnipeg Free Press
Dear sir:
RE: ‘Too early to pass judgement on Bokari’  WFP 28.4.14 –  Dan Lett.
     It is disappointing but understandable that Dan Lett has swallowed the  propaganda emanating from the group surrounding the present leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party, Rana Bokari.   Manitoba Liberals are, again, unhappy that their dirty laundry has become  public knowledge.  Also it is most important,  to understand that the group most dissatisfied with this publicity are the long time liberals who also incidentally follow The Constitution of the party and proper democratic procedures as enshrined in that constitution, including at the important Board confidentiality and responsibly to the party.

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Canada goes for Gold while Harper steals Democracy

        Elections Canada’s role is to guarantee fair,

Democratic Elections.

New, Harper government proposed legislation curtails most of the means by which Elections Canada guarantees fair elections in our country.  The proposed changes to the powers of Elections Canada not only remove any and all powers to investigate things like the ‘Robo-calls’ and the ‘In and Out’ scandal, but also blatantly  STOPS Elections Canada from communicating directly with the people of Canada.

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PHOENIX INQUIRY – Failure upon Failure

Phoenix Inquiry – Formula for improvement  or protection of the GUILTY

Today, finally after almost a decade of delay, obfuscation,  and possibly the most pathetic dance of political denial of responsibility ever witnessed, judge Ted Hughes has documented the perversity of a political-bureaucracy that not only failed Phoenix Sinclair, AND the thousands of other children denied adequate care, but has also clearly demonstrated the depths of that perversity that has allowed politicians, bureaucrats and workers to change a system purportedly ‘there for the benefit of the children’ into a don’t rock the boat or speak out conspiracy of silence  based upon self-interest and secure income for the adults working in the system.    Read the rest of this entry »

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SANITY at City Hall would help !


It seems Mayor Katz and his cronies in EPC are willing to mortgage our future with extensive infrastructure improvements, incidentally,  just before we go to the polls again next fall.  


                        ‘City plans to fix now, pay latter’ Bart Kives 3.12.13

  Given the record of this so-called civic leadership and the continuing irrational waste, Read the rest of this entry »

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